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Day Trip to TOKYO


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Sato Trading Company Blog,

How did you spend in last weekend?

In Japan there is a lot of overcast and rainy days and seems that the rainy season has entered in Kanto earnest.Actually, I don’t like the rainy season because when the rainy season comes, it becomes steamy and I tend to feel blue and heavy.

By the way, Last weekend had a day trip for employees of SATO group and the destination is Tokyo.

Take a bus to Tsukiji, Asakusa , Tokyo Sky Tree, and Roppongi.

We had forecast of rain in the morning, but it was sunny around when we started departure.

Even when the capital city comes, it is crowded.

At Asakusa ,we went to Kaminarimon and have a pray and then went around to buy souvenirs.

After that, return to the bus  and went to Sky Tree.













TOKYO Sky Tree is one of the visit point in toyko if you love amazing building in the world.

Its height is over 600m and I had a great time.

If you have a plan to go, you should choose the day of nice weather to enjoy the view.

After that, return to the bus again  went to Roppongi.

It seems that it will be long if you write it all.

So,it is OK to use up with a single blog so I will keep it this time.

Well then.


Day Trip to TOKYO | SATO Trading CompanySATO Trading Company

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